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Procter & Gamble

 In 1993, Procter & Gamble Home Products is incorporated as a 100% subsidiary of The P&G Company, USA. P&G Home Products launches Ariel Super Soaker.

 In 1993, P&G India divests the Detergents business to P&G Home Products.

 In 1995, P&G Home Products enters the Haircare Category with the launch of Pantene Pro-V.

 In 1997 Launches Head & Shoulders shampoo.

 In 2000, Introduced Tide Detergent Powder - the largest selling detergent in the world.

 In June 2000, Launched Pantene Lively Clean its unique Pro-Vitamin formula cleans oil-build up, dirt and grime in just one wash, delivering lively, free-flowing and sparkling-clean hair.

 In August 2000, Launched New Ariel Power Compact detergent with a new global technology that breathes new life into clothes, by removing dinginess from them and restoring the original colors of the fabric, by detecting and removing deposits which are left behind from successive washes.

 In November 2000, presented India in the first International Hair Styling and Beauty Expert Contest- Hair Asia Pacific 2000 in collaboration with Sri Lankan Association of Hairdressers and Beautician.
During this period, also re-Launched the international range of Head & Shoulders, best-ever Anti-dandruff shampoo with an improved formula, new pack-design and logo, in three variants - Clean & Balanced, Smooth & Silky and Refreshing Menthol, which offers the fine combination of anti-dandruff efficacy and hair conditioning.

In January 2001, P&G Home Products Limited and Whirlpool India Ltd. Launched a special 'Ariel - Whirlpool Superwash' offer, making washing machines more affordable to the people of Hyderabad. On purchase of either a 500gms, 1kg or 1.5kg economy pack of New Ariel Power Compact, consumers are automatically eligible to buy a Whirlpool Washing Machine for as low as Rs.238/- in Equal Monthly Installments for 24 months, by filling in the application form that comes with the Ariel pack and contacting any one of the Whirlpool dealers mentioned on the pack.

 In June 2001, P&G in partnership with the Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (ABTC), India hosted the Pantene Artist 2001 a national stylist competition, which included categories such as Bridal Dressing, Hair Cutting and Body Painting. Present at the event was world-renowned hairdresser and stylist Jun L. Encarnecion, who demonstrated the hottest international haircuts and styles in vogue via an interesting hairhsow. Mr. Encarnecion has trained students in leading hairdressing schools like Robert Fielding School of Hair Dressing (U.K), Pierre Alexander International Academy (U.K), Vidal Sassoon Academy, (U.S.A) among others and also enjoys the reputation of being the official hairdresser for the 1993 Miss Universe pageant.

 In July 2001, New Ariel Total Compact with Magicare a New System of Washing that completely removes stains without scrubbing, significantly reducing time spent on washing clothes.

In September 2001, Launched New Pantene Pro-V range of five shampoos in India which gave consumers the look they want Smooth & Silky for straighter hair, Volume & Fullness for thicker hair, Balanced Clean for shinier hair, Lively Clean for livelier hair and Anti-Dandruff for dandruff-free hair.

In December 2001, P&G in partnership with the Southern India Beauty Specialists & Hairdressers Association (SIBHA) hosted the Pantene-SIBHA Look N Learn Seminar where Raman Bhardwaj hairdresser to former Miss India, Celina Jaitley demonstrated the Latest and Trendiest Hair Cuts (Modern & Classic) to beauticians and hairdressers in Chennai.

In April 2002, Announced the launch of a special Ariel Bar Refund Offer along with its new Advanced Ariel Compact. Under the Ariel Bar Refund Offer, consumers could exchange their detergent bar on purchase of Advanced Ariel Compacts 1kg and 500gms packs, and avail of a Rs.15 and Rs.7 discount respectively on MRP.

Additionally, Announced the Beat The Summer Dandruff offer on which 200ml Head & Shoulders bottle was available for Rs.99/- only, thus giving a benefit of a Rs.23/- discount to consumers.

 In August 2002, Pantene unveiled the launch of the Shine Morning to Night campaign that helps consumers get long lasting hair shine with regular use of Pantene. The Shine Morning to Night campaign had two exciting components to it The MTV Shine Your Soul contest where one could win diamonds worth Rs.12.5 lacs and the launch of the Pantene Shine Booths across the country to help achieve the shine that lasts from morning to night.

During the same period, Pantene also hosted Hair Asia Pacific 2002 the biggest Hair Cutting & Styling event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Pantene Hair Asia Pacific is a prestigious international hair cutting & styling contest attracting expert hairdressers and beauty care advisors from more than 13 Asia Pacific countries.

Additionally, Pantene also hosted Pantene World Teen Queen contest in Goa. Contestants from UK, USA, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, Middle East and Hong Kong participated to win the coveted World Teen Queen crown.

 In November 2002, Head & Shoulders Naturally Clean, a new variant in its Head & Shoulders range of Shampoos especially for Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and West Bengal. Its Smart ZPT combined with Natural Citrus (lemon) extracts removes 100% dandruff and rinses oil and stickiness from the scalp, giving light, loose, free flowing hair.

 In January 2003, Reduced the prices of Pantene and Head & Shoulders 7.5ml sachets from Rs. 4/- to Rs. 3/-, with no change in its superior product-quality or packaging, improving affordability to a large number of Indian consumers.

Also Announced the launch of its Tide Super Whiteness Gold Dhamaka at the Tide Junction in Giant Hypermarket, Hyderabad. The Tide Super Whiteness Gold Dhamaka gave consumers a chance to get their clothes super-white and Win an Exquisite Handcrafted Pure Gold Jewellery Set worth Rs.25,000 and other prizes from Estelle Jewellery.

 In June 2003, Launched Pampers - world’s number one selling diaper brand with sales of US$ 6 billion annually. Pampers provides superior dryness for uninterrupted overnight sleep, with just one pampers diaper. In India, Pampers Fresh & Dry is available in a variety of three sizes – 4s, 10s and 25s.

 In July 2003, Launched Pantene Long Black, the ultimate solution for achieving the Long and Black hair look, and Head & Shoulders Silky Black - the only shampoo in India to offer the dual benefits of 100% dandruff-free as well as silky black hair.

 In September 2003, Announced that its superior quality Tide sachet is now available at Re. 1 per sachet and its Ariel sachet at Rs. 2 per sachet, thus making the world’s best detergents available at lower prices.

 In January 2004, Announced the launch of Rejoice – Asia’s No. 1 shampoo, in India. Rejoice’s patented Micro-Silicone conditioning technology gives twice as smooth, and easy to comb hair versus ordinary shampoos, at affordable prices in 100 ml bottles and 7.5 ml sachets.

 In March 2004, Reduced the prices of Ariel and Tide bags (large packs) by 20-50%, while maintaining the superior quality. The superior quality one kg pack of Tide now cleans a family’s one month laundry in just Rs.23/-, while a one kg pack of Ariel cleans a family’s one month laundry in just Rs.50/-.

 In April 2004, Announced the launch of Pantene Hair Fall Control, which is designed to free women of their hair fall concerns by reducing hair fall due to breakage by up to 50% within just two months, thus giving them stronger, thicker looking and beautiful hair. The prices of Pantene 100ml and 200ml bottles were Reduced by 16%, offering superior value to consumers.

 In August 2004, Signed Preity Zinta – Bollywood's #1 Actress, as Brand Ambassador for its Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo that gives 100% dandruff-free soft beautiful hair.

 In October 2004, Launched New Pantene Amino Pro-V Complex shampoos, which makes hair ten times stronger.

 In November 2004, Launched New Tide Bar. The New Tide Bar is unique as compared to the available detergent bars because of its three unique features: (i) It has green speckles called Whiteons, which release a unique whitening action on reacting with sunlight; (ii) Its technology also ensures that it lasts longer, does not dissolve easily and delivers a good balance between bar-hardness and ease of application on clothes and; (iii) It has a lemony & refreshing fragrance that lingers on clothes hours after wash.

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All Above information From P&G Home Products

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All Above information From P&G Home Product